From conception until deliver a baby, it is a new journey for a female. Nowadays, modern family has lesser children and both parents are working. Most of the mummies would like to rest well and be taking good care for themselves and their lovely new born baby during maternity. Many postpartum care center has been established due to the market demand.
In China, the opening policy allow to have second child and economic take-off stage, market demand more professional Postpartum Care Centre. In addition to hardware decoration, the professionalism should be the most important criteria to win maternal favor and affirmation.
We have 10 years’ experience in conducting courses which recognized internationally with valid license. All our teachers are all well-trained and educated via indefinite learning abroad. We develop and sharing different service processes and and experience with our students. And our students also have chances to follow teachers overseas to learn and apply new skill and knowledge gained.

Your confinement Center still looking for professional integration?

Professionalism and affirmation only present from maternal experience?

Our teaching courses are painless, soft and useful way. Also, our teachers are equipped with professional medical knowledge. Only by theories background can you meet all kinds of needs from clients, and thus created a win-win for both parties. We keep on renewing our courses to make our progress.
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Planning course content, adjustment in accordance with the requirements; please communicate before finalized.
For those from overseas who are interested (out of Taiwan), please communicate with us via email or WeChat.
1. Guide the guests and do demonstrations
2. The pregnant body and soul condition
3. Before pregnancy and post-natal consultation
4. Newborn feed and Pro-consulting
5. Maternity-friendly aromatherapy application
6. Judgment and application of postpartum recovery period
7. Massage courses application
. pregnancy massage
. postnatal therapy massage
. baby massage
. breast lymphatic massage
. breast augmentation massage
. body massage
. aroma-massage
. Postpartum body instruments (optionally with or without)